• Olivia Haywood Smith

Symbolic Camera

The lens is the moon. The moon on this lens represents monthly moon cycles. Looking through this camera is inviting the photographer/filmmaker to perceive reality through a new lens - that of cycles. Specifically the menstrual cycle which runs at a similar cycle to that of the moon. The word menstruation and moon both stem from the Latin mensis meaning "month".

The night sky which envelopes this camera represents inner winter and the dark nights in winter. Inner winter represents the first 3-6 days of a woman's menstrual cycle during which she bleeds.

The picture of the lady uncovering her face represents the journey of discovery that menstrual cycle awareness can lead to, by empowering women's relationship with their monthly cycles.

I took this camera and walked around and asked if i could take a photo and interview random students and staff with it. This was a very interesting activity, it allowed me to think about what a camera represents, how it changes the interaction you have with the subject and what it means to capture a moment.

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