• Olivia Haywood Smith

Reflection by Megan of her experience in the process

Practicing menstrual cycle awareness and attunement has brought my life into a new kind of alignment that, as a woman, allows me to live a life more full and more meaningful than I ever could have dreamed of. My work with my cycle has shown me that it is paramount to women's wellbeing that we learn to see our cycles as our greatest ally, to live in tune with them and to honour them. Until this happens, our bodies, down to the deepest, sweetest, most intimate part of ourselves, are still ultimately in the possession of patriarchy, through stigma and oppression. I also believe that this work is key to restoring the natural balance of the climate, as we begin to understand the cycles of life and the need for rest and rejuvenation alongside progress and growth, as we witness and live it from the depths of our wombs. Having Olivia document my own relationship with my cycle was an incredible experience that accelerated my understanding of my body. The experience of dedicating my womb to raising awareness of this incredible practice, has left me feeling incredibly empowered, inspired and deeply connected to the web of women I hope this reaches.

- Megan Taylor

Main subject of Seasons Inside.

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